11. November 2016
Prof. Gunter Reski

Diplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

In my theoretical work, I examined the double-bind theory. This term refers to communication whereby someone receives two contradictory messages and thus becomes caught between a rock and a hard place. In my practical work, I then dealt with contradictory communication between mother and child and tried to embed it into an artistic context. Many contradictory messages operate on the border between fiction and reality, for example, in stressful situations, where staged aggression is often encountered as a form of artificial strategy. This is exactly the point at which the practical work begins: the stress of such situations takes effect on a burdened picture body on canvas, using expanded fabrics. Jeans fabric was stapled onto wood panels, glued and then stretched to the limits of its tear resistance. With the pantyhose on a wedge frame, the surface and shape of the basic body is changed. Pantyhose and jeans, as well as the structure made with latex, all negotiate the stressful interpersonal tensions in the form of a tear limit of the materials stretched in the exhibition space.