13. Mai 2016
Prof. Eike König

Diplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries (Jessica Hefner)
Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke (Robin Klußmann)

Sustainability, which is the intersection between environmental compatibility, economic efficiency and social compatibility, is a modern form of thinking, working and living for us and the team of the family-run organic farm estate Gut Boltenhof.

Our Diplom project encompasses the entire identity development for Gut Boltenhof, which integrates ten holiday flats, six country hotel rooms, a farm shop, a restaurant, a co-working space, organic agriculture, sustainable livestock farming and ecotourism in one place. In addition to providing guests with a place to stay, it also does so for the farm staff and many animals.

This complex structure had to be understood, captured and translated visually and content-wise in order to communicate it internally and externally with a clear, authentic design language. Further, we supported the team with holistic consultation.

The visual result includes the conception and elaboration of the corporate