24 April 2016
Prof. Peter Eckart

Diplom Theory
Dipl.-Des. Thilo Schwer

How do we want to eat in the future?

The assimilation of nutrients naturally serves to maintain life. What and how we eat is, however, simultaneously an expression of our culture and individuality. Kitchens are therefore eagerly made to appear homely, supermarkets nature-orientated, and producers as transparent as possible. Convenience and microwaves have lost their popularity.

The preparation set, MENU, places the focus on the individual ingredient and its distinctive features. The precise and equitable handling of materials from the resources used becomes an experience. It integrates the production and preparation into a multi-layered value-added chain from personal experiences and preferences. Despite so much globalisation, this should give us the opportunity to appreciate a simple apple from the region and to value a good piece of meat from animal and environmentally sound production methods. MENU stands for the experimental, creative and concentrated preparation of small treats, both alone and in a team.