grow grow grow

13. May 2016
Prof. Sascha Lobe

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

How can one transform non-places into living gardens in which diverse cultures are locally and jointly researching solutions to global problems? Over the past two years, I have visited and closely followed such projects throughout Europe, such as the Seedbank in Jodar, Andalusia. In the face of endless olive monocultures, two friends decided to search for rare plants in their surroundings in order to save their seeds. In so doing, they established a seed bank that is now networked around the world. In Antwerp, a handful of students transformed an old factory into a lively cultural centre that brought people together from all sections of society. From Andalusia to Antwerp, and Rome to Offenbach, the book presents a portrait of the diversity of the communities that has grown within these projects.