Sensitive Boy

Short film

11 November 2016
Prof. Rotraut Pape

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

The hypochondriac singer Tom has built up a fan base through the spread of his music videos on the Internet and is now with his band shortly before a gig, from which the musicians hope they will gain a breakthrough. However, something within Tom causes him to feel reluctant about the idea of sudden success. His body does not function like it should. It is in particular a rash on his arm, which spreads quickly and that not only threatens Tom with misfortune.
The film deals with the world of emotions that the protagonist Tom feels, which attacks the facade of the self-created pop star image and makes it fragile. The initial iconic representation of the character evolves back to the state of fallible humanity.

Cast / Crew:

Script, Direction, Music, Post: Thomas Kneffel
Camera: Max Reimann
Assistant Director: Stephanie Kayß
Assistant Producer: Anna Pietocha
Assistant Producer: Jan Weyhing

Nora: Anja Arncken
Simon: Daniel Herzog
Tom: Thomas Kneffel

Kiosk Customer 1: Nikola Kunz
Kiosk Customer 2: Felicitas von Lutzau
Kiosk Customer 3: Andreas Mustermann
Kiosk Customer 4: Martina Gebhardt
Kiosk Vendor: Jean-Claude Mawila

Extras support: Eva Münnich
Lighting Technician: Erik Pfeiffer

Lighting: Thomas Bannier, Merlin Flügel
Sound: Doreen Keck, Anna Pietocha, Jonatan Schwenk

Production Design: Maria Anisimowa
Catering: Marco Russo
Visual Effects Supervisor: Marc Rühl
Sound Mixer: Bernd ZImmermann
Make Up Artist 1: Tatjana Fallmann
Make Up Artist 2: Annika Bosch

Special Effects: Harry Haarstark – Harry’s Special Effects

Project Support: Prof. Rotraut Pape

Nicolas Gebbe, Claus Withopf

Concert Public: Lea Heidepriem, Manuel Müller, Sandra Ganz, Elena Covaliova, Sonja von Vormann, Christopher Kehrwald, Charlotte Vogt, Jasmin Drogi, Dominik Keggenhoff, Robert Schittko, Colm Mc Cormack, Lisa Viganó, Natalie Zielke, Lena Gerhardt, Philip Skiba, Julia Lohmann, Lea Sievers, Julia Reuhl, Sue-Lynn Chung, Katharina Rachor, Nicolas Gebbe, Timo Meyer, Jennifer Strawder, Julia Knöß, Florian Gebauer, Christina Roch, Steffen Roch, Marcus Binder, Annika Bosch, Marcell Bosch, Onur Yildirancan