Diplom Gestaltung

11 November 2016
Prof. rosalie

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch

The forkbombEnsemble is based on the open interplay between algorithms. Special leeway lies in the time required for the execution of the operations, which is not written into the algorithms. Each unit sends queries to the other players. If these are answered, twice as many new requests are sent. Query and echo are given sound features by means of sound synthesis. The longer the transmission time between request and response, the more impure the echo. Initially, the communication takes place in a linear rhythm before disruptive rhythms pass through system overloads. If a unit succumbs to the demands of the ensemble, it restarts and re-enters the ensemble with a singular process. The ensemble shows that an algorithm relies on physical resources. This implies that in the contact between the algorithm and the world, operations are not necessarily as strictly executed as they are theoretically written.