28 October 2016
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann

Health is a central aspect of our lives. Thanks to digitalisation, it is now possible to generate, transport and evaluate information within a very short space of time and with much less work. This change is also taking place in the healthcare sector. However, due to the low level of networks between the parties involved, the flow of information is hampered and even obstructed. The route that a patient’s result takes to the doctor, the sample delivered for analysis and evaluation as well as the validation and re-consolidation of a physician can be a very lengthy and complicated process. This is where my design FOCUS enters the picture with a directly networked platform, in which all relevant parties are given the opportunity to profit from the available information. The direct form of communication and interaction enables a faster and improved process. Another important aspect is data protection. Through encrypted and password-protected data transfer and the omission of referral documents, patient and results information is protected.