strolling scrolling:
the #selfiepark

13 May 2016
Prof. Eike König

Diplom Theory
Prof. Marc Ries

The strolling man, wandering aimlessly across the landscape, finds diversion, recreation and access into new perspectives through his walks. How has the advancing digitalisation of our day-to-day life influenced this natural action? Do we move today on Internet blogs and Instagram accounts in a comparable manner to the classic walk? What happens when we stroll about in the virtual cyber landscape 2.0? Do we also find distraction and recreation here, or does the digital image jungle overwhelm us?

The graphical installation work #selfiepark illustrates this question and invites you to scroll/stroll through it. As a dynamic park consisting of 72 styrofoam parts that were cut and arranged by hand, the installation can be changed again and again. The visitors make the strange physical experience of moving through a 3D rendering. Visually, the park is an enlarged styrofoam model of it. Through this dummy-like white shell, emphasis is placed on the artificially created environment and reality simulation.

The visitors are invited to send the park back into the virtual world via a selfie or hashtag and in doing so, make the park searchable and scrollable.