The Window
11. November 2016
Prof. Martin LiebscherDiplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch
Both photography as object as well as institution as framework have been the focus of my investigations since the start of my studies. I dealt with both these topics in the final examinations. Theoretically I dealt with Jaques Derrida’s term ‘Parergon’ which I brought in relation to the designed utopias of two contemporary artist’s; Andrea Zittel and Tomás Saraceno. The parameters for my practical piece were photo prints, unframed paper, objects taken from my collection that for several years had acted as a sort of modular system, and secondary materials e.g. from the packaging industry. In the case of the installation The Window these materials in combination to a set of new elements (rice paper figures, a flag-curtain object, pieces of metal) had been placed together to created a floor-level landscape reminiscent of a place of personal importance. Photographic impressions of my uncle Fred’s desert garden were arranged in a fragile condition on the grid of the tiles of Room 3 at Zollamt Offenbach. The thin photo paper was exposed by being vertically inserted into polystyrene figures, partially stabilized only by means of a plastic sleeve. This was accompanied by a magazine, a photo essay compiling the stations of a community, which once would set up a refuge in this very place. The flag, without a clear symbol, acts as a banner and as a curtain, a protective visor for this wavy movement.
Slow Notion