13. Mai 2016
Prof. Alex Oppermann

Diplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Hans Zitko

Anna Skopp writes with a modular writing system that can be used to create any letter, using only one template. It is a subtractive process: she makes a picture of the text to be written and distributes it into a raster. She then paper-hangs it with the same raster point-aligned template: a black poster printed with a line framework of horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular segments. With the cutter, she cuts the characters manually, takes fragments, segments – orientated to the lines, which allow classic as well as individual text cuts.
Thus, unlike in the digital form, inaccuracy forms part of the process; haptic, emotion, and agility, when they simply repeat typographically derived words or letters. When she uses text building blocks in the text environment (an angle, the horizontal bar of an ‘A’) …
Opportunities potentially extend the field in which one moves, to domains.

Text: Claus-Christian Vogel