24. April 2016
Prof. Petra Kellner/Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach

Diplom Theorie
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann

The light series LINOUK examines the subject of materially dependent change within the light atmosphere. The interplay of different materials and contrasting surface characteristics as well as their different properties, such as translucency, leads to a large variance of light reflections, shadows and light moods when combined with the element of light.

The illuminated objects illustrate how the variance of light is influenced by the choice of material, colour and shape, and how the light effect, the atmosphere as well as the aesthetics, haptic and optics can change as a result. At the same time, the work illustrates how the varying light effect can lead to a variable function of the luminous object, meaning how the object functions as either a decorative or functional light